A Vision: To create a human community by living according to Christian values, in which especially the poorest children of Haiti find a place and get a chance for a good future. This idea originated in the north of Haiti, Cap Haitien, from women and men from different social classes. The community of catholic laymen (“Communauté de Laiques Catholiques d’Haiti CLCH) was founded under the direction of Madame Claudette Leconte in March 1997. In order to follow the vision of a sustainable social change, the community focusses on a holistic education of children from poor families. Since positive social change depends on the personal change of individuals, CLCH concentrates on the education of children, whose parents are poor and cannot pay school fees. This is the sustainable approach of CLCH. Because of this the first small school with 24 children was founded in 2001. On a site in Vaudreuil, a suburb of Cap Haitien, a new large-scale school complex with multiple buildings as well as a home for orphans and especially endangered young children350 children are taken care of. CLCH is a charitable organisation and solely depends on donations, which benefit the project - and therefore the children - directly without significant administrative expenses.